Breath Sounds

Breath Sounds

Gas Turbulence In The Major Airways Is Responsible For Inspiratory Sound & Elastic Recoil Of The Lung Is Responsible For Expiratory Sound.
Types Of Breath Sounds:
Three Types ( Mainly Two Types – 1., 2. )
1. Vesicular
2. Bronchial
3. Bronchovesicular

Vesicular  Breath Sound
Bronchial Breath Sound
It Is The Sound Produced By The Passage Of Air In And Out Of The Alveoli (Vesicles).It Is The Normal Breath Sound Over The Chest.
It Is The Sound Produced By The Passage Of Air Through The Tracheo – Bronchial Tree.
Rustling In Character ( Sound Like Dry Leaves Blown By The Wind)
Blowing Hollow Or ‘Aspirate’ In Character
Intensity Of Inspiration > Intensity Of Expiration
Intensity Of Expiration > Intensity Of Inspiration
Duration Of Inspiration > Duration Of Expiration
Duration Of Expiration = Duration Of Inspiration
No Gap In Between Inspiration & Expiration
Definite Gap Present  In Between Inspiration & Expiration
Classical Sites: Inframammary Regions, Infra-Axillary Regions, Infrascapular Regions
Classical Sites: Over The Trachea

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