VVI Topics of SARP for NEET PG

VVI Topics of SARP for NEET PG Here we have listed the Important & High yield topics of SARP [Skin, Anaesthesia, Radio & Psychiatry] for NEET PG, AIIMS, DNB and other Medical PG Entrance Exams. SKIN 01.Leprosy 02.Dermatophytes 03.Lichen Planus 04.Psoriasis 05.Pemphigus 06.Syphilis 07.Acne vulgaris 08.Tuberculosis of Skin 09.Alopecia 10.Scabies 11.Atopic & Contact Dermatitis 12.chloasma 13.LGV

Daily Quiz [Anaesthesia]

Daily Quiz Anaesthesia (31-  05-  2017) 1. Which of the following increases cerebral oxygen consumption a. Propofolb. Ketaminec. Thiopentone d. Alfentanyl 2. Mivacurium, false isa. Hypertensionb. Increasing the dose produces rapid onset of actionc. Bronchospasm d. Flushing 3. Music relaxant of choice in hepatic and renal failure a. Cisatracurium b. Rocuronium c. Vecuronium d. Rapacuronium 4. All are seen in Malignant hyperthermia except a. Bradycardia b. Hyperkalemia c. Metabolic acidosisd. Hypertension 5. M.C. nerve used for monitoring during anaesthesia a. Ulnar nerveb. Facial nervec. Radial nerve d. Median nerve Check