Clinical Examination Of Nervous System

Clinical Examination Of Nervous System

1.Higher Functions
2.Examination Of Cranial Nerves
3.Examination Of Sensory System
4.Examination Of Motor System

Higher Functions
Level Of Consciousness
Orientation With Time, Place  And Person
Examination Of Cranial Nerves: For Details CLICK HERE
Examination Of Sensory System
There Are Six Main Sensory Modalities That Can Be Tested At The Bedside
Temperature – Not Done; A Rough Assessment May Be Carried Out At Bedside By Using The Metal Of A Tuning Fork or
Metal Part Of Stethoscope (Cold Perception) And By Rubbing Both Palms (Hot Perception)
Tactile Sensibility
Light Touch
Tactile Localisation
Tactile Discrimination
Position Sense – The Appreciation Of Passive Movement
Stereognosis – Recognition Of The Size, Shape, Weight And Form Of Objects.
Examination Of Motor System
Follow A Regular Sequence:
Inspection  (Nutrition)
Posture And Abnormal Movements
Palpation (Nutrition)
Stance And Gait

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