[PDF] ENT Important One liners for NEET PG/ DNB

[PDF] ENT Important One liners for NEET PG/ DNB

1. Laparoscopic Intranasal approach is used for accessing all EXCEPT
a. Lacrimal sac
b. Cerebellum
c. Pituitary gland
d. Optical nerve

2. Frontal Sinus can be best visualized by
a. Caldwell’s view
b. Water’s view
c. Towne’s view

d. Schuller’s view

3. Topical Mitomycin C is used for

a  Endoscopic treatment of angiofibroma
b. Treatment of skull base osteomyelitis
c. Sturge weber syndrome

d. Treatment for laryngeal stenosis

4. Infection of CNS spreads in inner ear through
a. Cochlear aqueduct
b. Edolymphatic sac
c. Vestibular aqueduct
d. Hyrtl’s fissure

5. Treatment of choice for glue ear is

a. Myringotomy with cold knife
b. Myringotomy with diode laser
c. Myringotomy with ventilation tube insertion

d. Conservative treatment with analgesics & antibiotics

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