Personality is made up of the characteristic pattern of thoughts, feeling, and behaviors that makes a person unique. Personality arises from within the individuals and remains fairly consistent throughout life.


Based on behavior pattern, divided in to:

Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D
Impatient, time-conscious, highly competitive, ambitious, hostile, and aggressive
Opposite of type A
Responds the stress with depression and a sense of hopelessness
Have increased level of anxiety, irritation and depressed mood
They have difficulty in relaxing and are concerned about their status
They are relaxed and easy going and have no sense of urgency
Has a higher risk for developing cancer (eg. Breast Cancer)
Associated with increased risk of cardiovascular problems eg. Recurrent MI or sudden cardiac death
Type A behaviors:
1.time urgency and impatience (time pressure) floating hostility
They do not get stressed
They tend to be introverted, respectful, eager to please, and complaint
Seem to have more highly activated immune system and more inflammation, which could mean more damage to blood vessels in the heart and throughout the body

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