Abnormal Gait

Abnormal Gait

Posture Of The Patient During Walking
Attitude Of The Patient On Standing
Posture Of The Patient In Bed

Different Types Of Gait


1.Hemiplegic / Spastic Gait – Hemiplegic Patient (UMN Lesion ) After Recovery
2.Scissors / Spastic Paraplegic Gait  [Patient Stands With Crossed Legs (Often With A Stick In One Hand)]– Patient With Spastic Paraplegia & Cerebral Diplegia
3.Stamping Gait – This Is The Gait Of Posterior Column Lesion Or Sensory Ataxia & Is Classically Seen In Tabes Dorsalis. ( Romberg’s Sign Is Present In Patients With This Gait)

Romberg Test
Stand Still The Patient With Their Heels Together,
 Ask The Patient To Remain Still And Close Their Eyes If The Patient Loses Their Balance, The Test Is Positive
4.High-Stepping / Equine Gait – This Type Of Gait Is Found In Patient With Foot Drop ( High-Stepping Attitude Is Adopted By The Patient In Order To Avoid Injury To The Toes ) And Is Commonly Seen In Peripheral Neuropathy, Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis Or Common Peroneal Nerve Palsy
5.Festinant Gait (Narrow-based, Short strides)– It Is The Gait Of Parkinsonism. ( A Patient Of Parkinsonism May Run Better Than Walk Or Walk Backwards Better Than Forward)
6.Reeling, Staggering, Drunken Or Ataxic Gait – This Is Observed In Cerebellar Ataxia And Alcoholic Intoxication.


7.Waddling Gait


8.Prosthetic Gait


9.Limping Gait – This Type Of Gait Is Adopted Due To Joint Disease ( TB Hip), TEV Or Any Painful Condition In The Lower Extremities.

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