Abnormal Gait

Abnormal Gait Posture Of The Patient During Walking Gait Attitude Of The Patient On Standing Stance Posture Of The Patient In Bed Decubitus Different Types Of Gait Neurogenic: 1.Hemiplegic / Spastic Gait – Hemiplegic Patient (UMN Lesion ) After Recovery 2.Scissors / Spastic Paraplegic Gait  [Patient Stands With Crossed Legs (Often With A Stick In


Tremor Involuntary, Repetitive, Oscillatory Movements Of A Part Of The Body Around A Fixed Point. Classification: According To Relationship With Posture 1.Static Tremor  Tremor At Rest  Coarse In Nature Seen In Parkinsonism 2.Kinetic/ Postural/ Action Tremor  Fine In Nature  The Patient Is Asked To Outstretch His Hands With Separated Fingers For The Appearance Of Tremor