Involuntary, Repetitive, Oscillatory Movements Of A Part Of The Body Around A Fixed Point.

According To Relationship With Posture
1.Static Tremor
 Tremor At Rest
 Coarse In Nature
Seen In Parkinsonism
2.Kinetic/ Postural/ Action Tremor
 Fine In Nature
 The Patient Is Asked To Outstretch His Hands With Separated Fingers For The Appearance Of Tremor
3.Intention Tremor
 Coarse In Nature
4.Flapping Tremor
 Coarse In Nature
According To Amplitude
1.Fine Tremor (7- 10 /s)
2.Coarse Tremor (4- 6 /s)
Causes Of Tremor:
Most Common = Anxiety, Fear Or Nervousness
Resting Tremor Of Parkinsonism
Senile Tremor
Intention Tremor Of Cerebellar Diseases Or Multiple Sclerosis
Flapping Tremor Of Hepatic Precoma Or Uraemia (Absent In Hepatic Coma)
Chronic Alcoholism
Wilson’s Disease
Salbutamol Or Terbutaline

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