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Pleural Fluid Tapping

Pleural Fluid Tapping Indications of Pleural fluid tapping Diagnostic Therapeutic Physical, biochemical, cytological and bacteriological study of pleural fluid Respiratory distress Massive collection Contraindications Contraindications 1.Coagulation disorder 2.Platelet abnormality 3.Severe cough Procedure Step-Wise Procedure 1.The total procedure is explained to the patient to make him /her comfortable and relaxed. 2.The patient sitting and leaning forward


Tremor Involuntary, Repetitive, Oscillatory Movements Of A Part Of The Body Around A Fixed Point. Classification: According To Relationship With Posture 1.Static Tremor  Tremor At Rest  Coarse In Nature Seen In Parkinsonism 2.Kinetic/ Postural/ Action Tremor  Fine In Nature  The Patient Is Asked To Outstretch His Hands With Separated Fingers For The Appearance Of Tremor