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Daily Quiz [Medicine]

Daily Quiz Medicine (15- 05- 2017)Medicine: The most important subject in all PG medical entrance exams. Preparing for this subject properly would enhance knowledge of student to answer questions from other subjects as well. Multiple sclerosis is not associated with HydrocephalusSpinal cord involvementOptic neuritisSpasticity Drug of choice of diarrhoea in AIDS is LoperamideLactuloseOctreotideCodeine CRP increases

Daily Quiz [Anatomy]

Daily Quiz ANATOMY (14- 05- 2017) Covering of Graffian follicle are all EXCEPT Theca externaTheca InternaGerminal cellsGranulosa cells Intervertebral disc is an example of : Hyaline cartilageFibrocartilageElastic cartilageFibroelastic cartilage Weakest support of uterus is ? Mackenrodt’s ligamentUterosacral ligamentRound ligamentBroad ligament Protractor of scapula is ? Serratus anteriorRhomboidis majorDeltoidPectoralis major Which of the following is a