Daily Quiz [Anatomy]

Daily Quiz

ANATOMY (14- 05- 2017)


  1. Covering of Graffian follicle are all EXCEPT
  2. Theca externa
    Theca Interna
    Germinal cells
    Granulosa cells

  3. Intervertebral disc is an example of :
  4. Hyaline cartilage
    Elastic cartilage
    Fibroelastic cartilage

  5. Weakest support of uterus is ?
  6. Mackenrodt’s ligament
    Uterosacral ligament
    Round ligament
    Broad ligament

  7. Protractor of scapula is ?
  8. Serratus anterior
    Rhomboidis major
    Pectoralis major

  9. Which of the following is a subcutaneous muscle ?
  10. Sternocleidomastoid
    Palmaris longus
    Palmaris brevis

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