Daily Quiz [Anatomy]

Daily Quiz

ANATOMY (20- 05- 2017)


  1. In forceful inversion of foot, fracture of the tuberosity of 5th metatarsal is due to pull exerted
  2. by Peroneus longus
    by Peroneus brevis
    by Peroneus tertius
    by Extensor digitorum

  3. Primitive streak is initiated and maintained by
  4. Nodal gene
    Brachyury gene

  5. Watershed area between SMA and IMA which commonly result in ischemia is
  6. Hepatic flexure
    Splenic flexure
    Rectosigmoid jn
    IIeocolic jn

  7. Urothelium lines all except
  8. Ureters
    Minor calyx
    Urinary bladder
    Collecting duct

  9. In a case of chest pain with pericarditis and pericardial effussion, pain is referred by
  10. Phrenic nerve
    Superficial cardiac plexus
    Deep cardiac plexus
    Vagus nerve

Correct Answers pattern- babda

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