Daily Quiz [Physiology]

Daily Quiz

 Physiology  (05-  06-  2017)


1. Energy expenditure in resting state depends on
a. Lean body mass
b. Adipose tissue
c. Resting heart rate
d. Exercise

2. True regarding myocardial O demand
a. Inversely related to heart rate
b. Has constant relation to external cardiac work
c. Directly proportional to duration of systole

d. Is negligible at rest

3. Angiotensin II causes all of the following except
a  Stimulation of thirst 
b. Aldosterone secretion
c. Increased ADH secretion

d. Vasodilation

4. Maximum postprandial motility is seen in
a. Ascending colon
b. Transverse colon
c. Descending colon
d. Sigmoid colon

5. CSF pressure is mainly regulated by
a. Rate of CSF formation

b. Rate of CSF absorption
c. Cerebral blood flow
d. Venous pressure

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