Daily Quiz [Biochemistry]

Daily Quiz

Biochemistry (21-  06- 2017)


1. Which conezyme is responsible for carboxylation reaction
a. Biotin
b. FAD
d. Thiamine pyrophosphate

2. Fireflies produce light due to
b. GTP
c. ATP
d. Phosphocreatinine

3Ribosome has following enzymatic activity
a. Peptidyl transferase
b. Peptidase
c. Aminoacyl tRNA synthetase

d. GTPase

4. Intron is not found in which DNA

a. Nuclear DNA
b. Mitochondrial DNA
c. B DNA
d  Z DNA

5. In muscle, phosphorylase b is inactivated by
a. cAMP

b. Ca ions

c. Glucose

d. ATP

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