Daily Quiz [Surgery]

Daily Quiz

Surgery (23-  06- 2017)


1. Most common site of Curling’s ulcer
a. Ileum
b. Stomach
c. Duodenum
d. Esophagus

2. Most common site of a peripheral aneurysm
a. Femoral artery
b. Radial artery
c. Popliteal artery
d. Brachial artery

3Glomus tumour is seen in
a. Liver
b. Adrenals
c. Pituitary

d. Finger

4. Most common site of cholangiocarcinoma

a. Distal biliary duct
b. Hilum
c. Intrahepatic duct
d  Multifocal

5. Nicoladoni sign is also known as
a. Murray sign

b. Frei sign

c. Darrier sign

d. Branham sign

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