Daily Quiz [Obstetrics & Gynecology]

Daily Quiz Obstetrics & Gynecology (24-  06- 2017) 1. All are done in management of shoulder dystocia except a. Fundal pressureb. Mcroberts maneuverc. Suprapubic pressured. Woods maneuver 2. Vasopressor of choice in pregnancy isa. Ephedrineb. Phenylephrinec. Methoxamined. Mephentermine 3. Fallopian tube dysmotility is seen ina. Noonan syndrome b. Turner syndrome c. Kartagener syndrome d. Marfan syndrome 4. Clue cell are found in a. Candidial vaginosis b. Bacterial vaginosis c. Trichomoniasisd

Daily Quiz [Surgery]

Daily Quiz Surgery (23-  06- 2017) 1. Most common site of Curling’s ulcer a. Ileumb. Stomachc. Duodenumd. Esophagus 2. Most common site of a peripheral aneurysma. Femoral arteryb. Radial arteryc. Popliteal arteryd. Brachial artery 3. Glomus tumour is seen ina. Liver b. Adrenals c. Pituitary d. Finger 4. Most common site of cholangiocarcinoma a. Distal biliary duct b. Hilum c. Intrahepatic ductd  Multifocal 5. Nicoladoni sign is also known asa. Murray sign

Daily Quiz[Microbiology]-3

Daily Quiz Microbiology (22-  06- 2017) 1. Biosafety precaution grade III is practised in all of the following organisms except a. Human influenza virus b. St. Louis encephalitis virus c. Coxiella burnetti d. Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2. Most common species of Pseudomonas causing intravascular catheter-related infections is a. P. cepacia b. P. aeruginosa c. P. maltiphila d. P. mallei 3. Most sensitive diagnostic test

Daily Quiz [Biochemistry]

Daily Quiz Biochemistry (21-  06- 2017) 1. Which conezyme is responsible for carboxylation reaction a. Biotinb. FADc. NADHd. Thiamine pyrophosphate 2. Fireflies produce light due toa. NADHb. GTPc. ATPd. Phosphocreatinine 3. Ribosome has following enzymatic activitya. Peptidyl transferase b. Peptidase c. Aminoacyl tRNA synthetase d. GTPase 4. Intron is not found in which DNA a. Nuclear DNA b. Mitochondrial DNA c. B DNAd  Z DNA 5. In muscle, phosphorylase b is

Daily Quiz [Physiology]

Daily Quiz Physiology (20-  06- 2017) 1. Mineralocorticoid receptors are present in all of the following sites,Except a. Hippocampusb. Kidneyc. Colond. Liver 2. All of the following structures lie in the renal medulla, Except a. Juxtaglomerular apparatusb. Loop of Henlec. Collecting ductd. Vasa Recta 3. CSF pressure is mainly regulated bya. Rate of CSF formation  b. Rate of CSF absorption c. Cerebra blood flow d. Venous pressure 4. All are

Daily Quiz [Anatomy]

Daily Quiz Anatomy (19-  06- 2017) 1. Cell present in cerebellar cortex are all except a. Purkinjeb. Bipolarc. Granuled. Golgi 2. Boundary of triangle of auscultation is not formed bya. Serratus anteriorb. Scapulac. Trapeziusd. Latissimus dorsi 3. Which of the following brainstem nuclei is not derived from the alar platea. Inferior olivary b. Substantia nigra c. Dentate d. Hypoglossal 4. Trendelenburg test is positive due to injury to which of

Daily Quiz [Medicine]

Daily Quiz Medicine (18-  06- 2017) 1. In a uremic patient, dialysis can reverse all these condition except a. Peripheral neuropathyb. Seizuresc. Pericarditisd. Myopathy 2. All are true about thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura excepta. Micro angiopathic hemolytic anemiab. Thrombocytopeniac. Normal complement leveld. Grossly abnormal coagulation tests 3. All of the following diseases show abnormal folding of proteins excepta. Creutzfeldt-jabok disease b. Prion disease c. Multiple sclerosis d. Amyloidosis 4. Antibody found

Daily Quiz [Pharmacology]

Daily Quiz Pharmacology (17-  06- 2017) 1. Which of the following is not an alkylating agent a. Cyclophosphamideb. Busulfanc. 5-Flurouracild. Melphalan 2. Ifosfamide belongs to which group of anticancer drugsa. Alkylating agentsb. Antiimetoboliesc. Mitotic inhibitorsd. Topoisomerase inhibitors 3. All of the following drugs are useful in detrussor instability excepta. Solefenacin b. Tolterodine c. Flavoxate d. Duloxetine 4. All of the following drugs require does reduction in cirrhosis except a. Lorazepam b. Diazepam

Daily Quiz [Pathology]-2

Daily Quiz Pathology (16-  06- 2017) 1. BRCA 1 gene is located on a. Chromosome 13 b. Chromosome 11 c. Chromosome 17 d. Chromosome 22 2. Gene for folate carrier protein located on a. Chromosome 10 b. Chromosome  5 c. Chromosome  21 d. Chromosome  9 3. Nitroblue tetrazolium test is used for a. Phagocytosis b. Complement c. T cell d. B cell 4. Most potent stimulator of naive cell is a. Mature

Daily Quiz [SPM]

Daily Quiz SPM (15-  06- 2017) 1. Cyclodevelopmental life cycle is seen in a. Malariab. Plaguec. Yellow feverd. Filaria 2. Post pasteurized milk’s quality is tested bya. Phosphatast testb. Methylene blue testc. Catalase testd. Oxidase test 3. Best index for measuring contraceptive efficacy isa. Pearl index b. Life-table analysis c. Chandler’s index d. Quetelet index 4. Shortest incubation period is seen in a. Hepatitis A b. Hepatitis B c. Rubellad  Influenza 5. Kaplan