Daily Quiz [Pathology]-2

Daily Quiz

Pathology (16-  06- 2017)

1. BRCA 1 gene is located on
a. Chromosome 13
b. Chromosome 11
c. Chromosome 17
d. Chromosome 22

2. Gene for folate carrier protein located on
a. Chromosome 10
b. Chromosome  5
c. Chromosome  21
d. Chromosome  9

3Nitroblue tetrazolium test is used for
a. Phagocytosis
b. Complement
c. T cell

d. B cell

4. Most potent stimulator of naive cell is

a. Mature dendritic cell
b. Follicular dendritic cell
c. Macrophages
d  B cell

5. Hypersensitivity vaculitis is seen most commonly in
a. Post capillary venules

b. Arterioles

c. Veins

d. Capillaries

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