Important Pathological Bodies

Important Pathological Bodies Pathological Bodies are asked frequently in Medical PG Entrance Exams. Some Important Pathological Bodies are listed Here Which are asked many times in AIPGME, NEET PG, AIIMS, DNB, UPSC (CMS) and Other Medical PG Entrance Exams. DOWNLOAD Click Here to Download Handwritten Notes for NEET PG/ DNB/ AIIMS PG and Other Medical PG Entrance Preparation DOWNLOAD Thank you

Translocation Between Chromosomes

Translocation Between Chromosomes The designation t (A; B)(p1;q2) is used to denote a translocation between chromosome A and B. The information in the second set of parentheses gives the precise location within the chromosome for chromosomes A and B respectively- With p indicating the short arm, q indicating the long arm, And the number after p or

Daily Quiz [Pathology]-2

Daily Quiz Pathology (16-  06- 2017) 1. BRCA 1 gene is located on a. Chromosome 13 b. Chromosome 11 c. Chromosome 17 d. Chromosome 22 2. Gene for folate carrier protein located on a. Chromosome 10 b. Chromosome  5 c. Chromosome  21 d. Chromosome  9 3. Nitroblue tetrazolium test is used for a. Phagocytosis b. Complement c. T cell d. B cell 4. Most potent stimulator of naive cell is a. Mature

Daily Quiz [Pathology & Ophthalmology]

Daily Quiz Pathology (10-  06- 2017) 1. Infraclavicular lesion of tuberculosis is known as a. Gohn’s focusb. puhl’s focusc. Assman’s focusd. Simmon’s focus 2. What does ”cardiac polyp” meansa. Acute infarctb. Cardiac aneurysmc. Benign tumour d. Fibrinous clot 3. Which of the following does NOT scavenge free radicals in the lensa. Vit A b. Vit C c. Vit E d. Calatase 4.Which component of the eye has highest refractive index a. Anterior surface of the lens b. Posterior surface of the lens c. Centre of the lensd. Cornea 5. Mucopolysaccharide hyaluronic acid is present ina. Vitreous humor b. Corneac. Blood vessels d. Lens

Daily Quiz [Pathology]-1

Daily Quiz Pathology (23- 05- 2017) Feature of shock lung is Diffuse alveolar damage Usual intersitital pneumonitis Organizing pneumonia Bronchiolitis Prion includes DNA and RNA Only RNA Proteins Only DNA COUNCILMAN BODIES are seen in Wilson disease Alcoholic hepatitis Acute viral hepatitis Auto immune hepatitis Stain not used for lipid Oil red O Congo red