Daily Quiz [Pathology & Ophthalmology]

Daily Quiz

Pathology (10-  06- 2017)


1. Infraclavicular lesion of tuberculosis is known as
a. Gohn’s focus
b. puhl’s focus
c. Assman’s focus
d. Simmon’s focus

2. What does ”cardiac polyp” means
a. Acute infarct
b. Cardiac aneurysm
c. Benign tumour

d. Fibrinous clot

3. Which of the following does NOT scavenge free radicals in the lens
a. Vit A
b. Vit C
c. Vit E

d. Calatase

4.Which component of the eye has highest refractive index

a. Anterior surface of the lens
b. Posterior surface of the lens
c. Centre of the lens
d. Cornea

5. Mucopolysaccharide hyaluronic acid is present in
a. Vitreous humor

b. Cornea
c. Blood vessels

d. Lens

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