Daily Quiz[Microbiology]-3

Daily Quiz

Microbiology (22-  06- 2017)

1. Biosafety precaution grade III is practised in all of the following organisms except
a. Human influenza virus
b. St. Louis encephalitis virus
c. Coxiella burnetti
d. Mycobacterium tuberculosis

2. Most common species of Pseudomonas causing intravascular catheter-related infections is
a. P. cepacia
b. P. aeruginosa
c. P. maltiphila
d. P. mallei

3Most sensitive diagnostic test for dengue is
b. Complement
c. Neutralization test

d. Electron microscopy

4. Which of the following is not an RNA virus

a. Ebola
b. Simian 40
c. Rabies
d  Vesicular

5. All of the following statements about carbohydrate antigen are true except
a. It has lower immunogenicity

b. Memory response is seen

c. Cause polyclonal B cell stimulation

d. Does not require stimulation by T cells

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