Daily Quiz [Skin]

Daily Quiz

 Skin   (03-  06-  2017)


1. Chemical peeling is done by all except
a. Trichloroacetic acid
b. Phosphoric acid
c. Carbolic acid
d. Kojic acid

2. All cause cicatricial alopecia excepty
a. Lichen planus
b. DLE
c. Pseudo-pelade

d. Alopecia areata

3. Tuberculides are seen in

a  Lupus vulgaris
b. Scrofuloderma
c. Lichen scrofulososum

d. Erythema nodosum

4. Neonatal fat necrosis resembles which of the following
a. Post steroidal panniculitis 
b. Erythema induratum 
c. Lipodermatosclerosis
d. Lupus panniculitis

5. Fine reticular pigmentation with palmar pits are seen in

a. Dowling – Degos  disease 
b. Rothmund-Thompson syndrome
c. Cockyane syndrome

d. Bloom’s syndrome

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