Daily Quiz [SPM]

Daily Quiz

SPM (15-  06- 2017)

1. Cyclodevelopmental life cycle is seen in
a. Malaria
b. Plague
c. Yellow fever
d. Filaria

2. Post pasteurized milk’s quality is tested by
a. Phosphatast test
b. Methylene blue test
c. Catalase test
d. Oxidase test

3Best index for measuring contraceptive efficacy is
a. Pearl index
b. Life-table analysis
c. Chandler’s index

d. Quetelet index

4. Shortest incubation period is seen in

a. Hepatitis A
b. Hepatitis B
c. Rubella
d  Influenza

5. Kaplan Meier method is used for
a. Prevalence

b. Survival

c. Frequency

d. Incidence

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