Daily Quiz [Physiology]

Daily Quiz

Physiology (26- 05- 2016)

1. True about cardiac O demand is
a. Directly proportional to mean arterial pressure
b. Altimeter
c. Inversely proportional to cardiac work
d. Has a constant relation to the external work done by the heart

2. Bicarbonate is maximally absorbed in
a. PCT
b. DCT
c. Thick ascending loop henle

d. Has a collecting duct

3.Which of these is the correct pair
a. A cell – Insulin
b. B cell – Somatostatins
c. D cell – Glucagon

d. G cell – Gastrin

4. A patient is on low calcium diet for 8 weeks. Following increases to maintain serum calcium levels
a. PTH
b. Calcitonin
c. Active 1,25 dihydroxy cholecalciferol
d. Serum phosphate level

5. Following charge is noted during exercise

a. Blood flow to the brain increases with increase in mean systolic blood pressure
b. Body temperature increases
c. Lymphatic flow to muscle decreases

d. Blood flow to muscles increase after half a minute

6. In a normal person which of the following occurs when he changes to the supine position from standing

a. Cerebral perfusion increases
b. Heart rate settles to a higher level
c. Immediate increase in venous return
d. Decreased perfusion to the apex

7. Changes in blood passing through the systemic capillaries are all except

a. Increase in haematocrit
b. pH decreases
c. The shift of oxygen dissociation curve to the left
d. An increase in protein conc.

8. Sertoli cells have receptors for 

a. FSH
b. LH
c. Inhibin

d. Progesterone

9. The mechanism of action of surfactant is

a. Lubricates the flow of CO diffusion
b. Binds oxygen
c. Makes the capillary surface hydrophilic

d. Breaks the capillary surface of water  in the alveoli

10. Which of the following is not true about CSF
a. Removal of CSF during dural tap causes intense intracranial headache
b. Normally contain no neutrophils
c. Formed by arachnoid villi within the ventricles
d. pH less than that of plasma

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