Daily Quiz [Anatomy]

Daily Quiz

Anatomy (21- 05- 2017)


  1. Ureterix peristalsis is due to intact supply of
  2. Sympathetic innervation
    Parasympathetic innervation
    Both sympathetic and parasympathetic
    Intrainsic smooth muscle pacemaker activity of renal calyces

  3. True about left renal vain
  4. Posterior and inferior to sup. mesenteric artery
    Posterior and superior to superior mesenteric artery
    Anterior and inferior to sup. mesenteric artery
    Annterior and superior to sup.mesenteric artery

  5. If circumflex artery gives the posterior interventricular branch, this ciculation is described as
  6. Right dominance
    Left dominance

  7. injury in arm, all the following are seen except:
  8. Hypothenar atrophy
    Adduction of thumb
    Loss of sensation of midial 1/3 of the hand
    Claw hand

  9. Uteter develops from
  10. Mesonephric tubules
    Urogenital sinus
    Urogenital fold
    Paramesonephric duct

Correct Answers pattern- dbabb

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