Daily Quiz [Pharmacology]

Daily Quiz

Pharmacology (17-  06- 2017)


1. Which of the following is not an alkylating agent
a. Cyclophosphamide
b. Busulfan
c. 5-Flurouracil
d. Melphalan

2. Ifosfamide belongs to which group of anticancer drugs
a. Alkylating agents
b. Antiimetobolies
c. Mitotic inhibitors
d. Topoisomerase inhibitors

3All of the following drugs are useful in detrussor instability except
a. Solefenacin
b. Tolterodine
c. Flavoxate

d. Duloxetine

4. All of the following drugs require does reduction in cirrhosis except

a. Lorazepam
b. Diazepam
c. Metronidazole
d  Rifampicin

5. All of the following drugs can cause neuroleptic malignant syndrome except
a. Amantadine

b. Domperidone

c. Haloperidol

d. Metoclopramide

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