Daily Quiz [Microbiology]-2

Daily Quiz

 Microbiology  (09-  06-  2017)

1. Diagnostic of Rabies
a. Guarneri bodies
b. Negri bodies
c. Cowdry A body
d. Bollinger bodies

2. Most sensitive test for Treponema
b. RPR

d. Kahn

3. Irradiation can be used to sterilize A/E
a. Bone graft
b. Suture
c. Artifical tissue graft

d. Bronchoscope

4.Coagulative necrosis is seen in

a. T.B.
b. Sarcoidosis
c. Cryptococcal infection
d. Gangrene

5. Best investigation for diagnosing amyloidosis
a. Rectal biopsy

b. Colonscopy
c. CT scan

d. Upper GI endoscopy

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