VVI Topics in Pharma for NEET PG

VVI Topics in Pharma for NEET PG Here we have listed the Important & High yield topics of Pharma for NEET PG, AIIMS, DNB and other Medical PG Entrance Exams. Pharmacokinetics Drug Toxicity Asthmatic  Drugs Beta Blockers ATT ACE  Inhibitors ANS  Pharma Digitalis HAART Aspirin Diuretics Glucocorticoids Anti- arrythmics Anti- Parkinsonism Drugs Penicillin Pregnancy Opioids P₄₅₀ Anti-Malarial Drugs

Drugs Contraindicated In Pregnancy

Drugs Contraindicated In Pregnancy Name of drugs Contraindicated in Hydroxyzine Early Pregnancy Dipyridamole 3rd Trimester Aspirin 3rd Trimester Statins Pregnancy Amlodipines Pregnancy Warfarin Pregnancy Ethinyl Estradiol Pregnancy Estazolam/ Triazolam Pregnancy Flurazepam/ Temazepam Pregnancy Isotretinoin Pregnancy Finasteride Pregnancy Silver Sulfadiazine Late Pregnancy Diclofenac 3rd Trimester Testosterone Pregnancy Leuprolide Pregnancy Nafarelin/ Goserelin Pregnancy Misoprostol Pregnancy Sulfamethoxazole/ Trimethoprim 3rd Trimester Ribaverin Pregnancy

Antibiotics of Choice

Antibiotics of Choice 1.Allergic broncho pulmonary aspergillosis– Steroid + Itraconazole 2.Acute Epiglottitis– Ceftriaxone 3.Amoebic Liver Abscess, Bacterial Vaginosis– Metronidazole 4.Anaerobic Organism– Metronidazole > Clindamycin 5.Angular Conjunctivitis– Oxytetracycline Ointment(1%) 6.Animal Bite, Tonsillitis– Amoxiclav 7.Anthrax, Actinomycosis, Trench Mouth, Rat Bite Fever, Scarlet Fever, Lymphedema– Penicillin 8.Bacillary Angiomatosis, Campylobacter Jejuni, Chlamydia In Pregnancy, Legionnaires Disease– Erythromycin 9.Burkholderia Cepacia–

Drugs and their Antidotes

Drugs and their Antidotes Here we have listed the important drugs and their antidotes. Antidotes are used in case of poisoning due to drugs Drugs & their antidotes: Drugs and their antidotes: Acetaminophen Acetylcysteine Curare Tensilon Coumarin Vitamin K Warfarin Vitamin K Digitalis Digibind Cyanide poisoning Methylene blue Benzodiazepine Flumazenil Iron salts Desferoxamine Lead EDTA,

Daily Quiz [Pharmacology]

Daily Quiz Pharmacology (17-  06- 2017) 1. Which of the following is not an alkylating agent a. Cyclophosphamideb. Busulfanc. 5-Flurouracild. Melphalan 2. Ifosfamide belongs to which group of anticancer drugsa. Alkylating agentsb. Antiimetoboliesc. Mitotic inhibitorsd. Topoisomerase inhibitors 3. All of the following drugs are useful in detrussor instability excepta. Solefenacin b. Tolterodine c. Flavoxate d. Duloxetine 4. All of the following drugs require does reduction in cirrhosis except a. Lorazepam b. Diazepam

Daily Quiz [Pharmacology ]

Daily Quiz  Pharmacology  (08-  06-  2017) 1. Which does not cause hypoglycemia a. Insulinb. Glimepiridec. Nateglinide d. Acarbose 2. Which does not causes megaloblastic anemiaa. Phenytoinb. Chloroquinec. Sulfasalazine d. Alcohol 3. Octreotide is used in all excepta. Insulinoma b. Glucagonoma c. Glioma d. Carcinoids 4. Which of the following drug is used in sickle cell anemia a. Hydroxyurea b. Carmustine c. Paclitaxeld. Bleomycin  5. Muscle rigidity due to opiods is beacuse of their effect ona. mu b. kappac. sigma d. delta Check it: More “Daily Quiz”*Note: If

Daily Quiz [Pharmacology]

Daily Quiz Pharamacology (22- 05- 2017) All the following drugs are used for thromboprophylaxis except HeparinWarfarinAspirinAnti thrombin Following is true about frusemide It is given only by IV routeIt causes mild diuresisIt is used in pulmonary edemaActs on PCT All act through GABA receptors except BenzodiazepineBarbituratesZopiclonePromethazine Therapeutic drug monitoring is advised in all except MetforminPhenytoinTacrolimusCyclosporine

Drug of choice for important conditions/ diseases

Drug of choice for important conditions/ disease Diseases D.O.C. MRSA Vancomycin Malaria In Pregnancy Chloroquine Whooping Cough Or Pertusis Erythromycin Kawasaki Disease Intravenous Immunoglobulin Warfarin Overdose Vitamin K Heparin Overdose Protamine Hairy Cell Leukemia Cladirabine Multiple Myeloma Melphalan CML Imatinib Wegner’s Granulomatosis Cyclophosphamide HOCM Propranolol Delirium Tremens Diazepam Drug Induced Parkinsonism Benzhexol Dicumarol Poisoning Vitamin