Daily Quiz [Pharmacology ]

Daily Quiz

 Pharmacology  (08-  06-  2017)


1. Which does not cause hypoglycemia
a. Insulin
b. Glimepiride
c. Nateglinide
d. Acarbose

2. Which does not causes megaloblastic anemia
a. Phenytoin
b. Chloroquine
c. Sulfasalazine

d. Alcohol

3. Octreotide is used in all except
a. Insulinoma
b. Glucagonoma
c. Glioma

d. Carcinoids

4. Which of the following drug is used in sickle cell anemia
a. Hydroxyurea
b. Carmustine
c. Paclitaxel
d. Bleomycin 

5. Muscle rigidity due to opiods is beacuse of their effect on
a. mu

b. kappa
c. sigma

d. delta

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