Daily Quiz [Medicine]

Daily Quiz

Medicine (11-  06- 2017)


1. Reperfusion is useful for
a. Stunt myocardium
b. Hibernating myocardium
c. Non ischaemic viable myocardium
d. Mixed ischaemic myocardium

2. Where pulsatile liver and ascites is found
a. TR
b. Critical pulmnary stenosis
c. MR

d. MS

3. Thrombotic event is seen in all of following except
a. PNH
b. DIC
c. ITP

d. Heparin induced thrombocytopenia

4. Horner’s syndrome, All true except

a. Miosis
b. Anhydrosis
c. Hyperchromatic iris
d. Apparent exophthalmos

5. All are congential myopathies except
a. Central core myopathy

b. Centronucler myopathy
c. Z band myopathy

d. Nemalin myopathy

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