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Changes in the UPSC CMS 2018

Changes in the UPSC CMS 2018 Key changes in the UPSC CMS 2018 Official notification is released by UPSC regarding changes in Combined Medical Services Exam Computer based Tests. The key changes will be effective from Combined Medical Services Exam 2018. DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD [PDF] DOWNLOAD Thank you Reader Please Like and Share this post. LIKE Our Facebook

Important Pathological Bodies

Important Pathological Bodies Pathological Bodies are asked frequently in Medical PG Entrance Exams. Some Important Pathological Bodies are listed Here Which are asked many times in AIPGME, NEET PG, AIIMS, DNB, UPSC (CMS) and Other Medical PG Entrance Exams. DOWNLOAD Click Here to Download Handwritten Notes for NEET PG/ DNB/ AIIMS PG and Other Medical PG Entrance Preparation DOWNLOAD Thank you

Translocation Between Chromosomes

Translocation Between Chromosomes The designation t (A; B)(p1;q2) is used to denote a translocation between chromosome A and B. The information in the second set of parentheses gives the precise location within the chromosome for chromosomes A and B respectively- With p indicating the short arm, q indicating the long arm, And the number after p or

30 VVI Topics of Derma (Skin) for NEET PG

30 VVI Topics of Derma (Skin) for NEET PG Here we have listed the Important & High yield topics of Dermatology for NEET- PG, AIIMS, DNB and other Medical PG Entrances. DOWNLOAD 01.Leprosy 02.Dermatophytes 03.Lichen Planus 04.Psoriasis 05.Pemphigus 06.Syphilis 07.Acne vulgaris 08.Tuberculosis of Skin 09.Alopecia 10.Scabies 11.Atopic & Contact Dermatitis 12.chloasma 13.LGV 14.Chancroid 15.Dermatitis Herpetiformis 16.Pityriasis

Occupational Health

Occupational Health Short note on Occupational Health for NEET PG, AIIMS & UPSC CMS National institute of Occupational Health – Ahmedabad Pneumoconioses Pneumoconioses Silicosis Silica dust Anthracosis Coal dust Asbestosis Asbestos dust Byssinosis Cotton fiber Bagassosis Sugar cane Farmer’s lung Mouldy hay Compost lung Compost Bird fancier’s lung Bird droppings Siderosis Iron dust Stannosis Tin

[PDF] Everything about UPSC CMS

[PDF] Everything about UPSC CMS Here we are sharing [PDF] Everything about UPSC CMS for UPSC CMS Examination.Contents:1. Examination pattern2. Syllabus3. Last 5 year cut-off of written & final exams4. Last year (2017) Question paper with Answer key DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD ClickHere to Download GENERAL ABILITY Handwritten Note for UPSC CMS 2018 Click Here to Download UPSC CMS Question Papers with Answer

Incubation period of Important Infections

Incubation period of Important Infections Few Recently Asked Questions on Incubation Period 1.Application of Incubation period is all EXCEPT a) To differentiate primary cases from secondary casesb) to find out isolation periodc) to find out the Quarantine Periodd) To prevent infection to the contacts of Infected Persons 2.Incubation period of amoebiasis is a) 1-2 weeksb)