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Drugs and their Antidotes

Drugs and their Antidotes Here we have listed the important drugs and their antidotes. Antidotes are used in case of poisoning due to drugs Drugs & their antidotes: Drugs and their antidotes: Acetaminophen Acetylcysteine Curare Tensilon Coumarin Vitamin K Warfarin Vitamin K Digitalis Digibind Cyanide poisoning Methylene blue Benzodiazepine Flumazenil Iron salts Desferoxamine Lead EDTA,

[PDF] Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Note

[PDF] Forensic Med & Toxicology Note Here we are sharing [PDF] Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Note. DOWNLOAD Click Here to Download Handwritten Notes for NEET PG/ DNB/ AIIMS PG and Other Medical PG Entrance Preparation Thank you Reader Your Like Motivate Us To Post New And Unique Articles So Don’t Forget To Like, Comment and Share This Post. LIKE  Our Facebook Page

Daily Quiz [Forensic Medicine]

Dail Quiz  Forensic Medicine (28- 05- 2017) 1. Which of these is not a grevious injury? a. Loss of teeth b. Loss of hearing of one earc. Permanent disfiguration of face  d. Abrasion on face 2. Telefono is a. Beating the soles of feet with rod  b. Beating of the ears  c. Forced immersion of head until stage of suffocation  d. Tying of a plastic bag over head  3. Last organ to be dissected during autopsy in asphyxial death is  a. Neck  b. Head  c. Abdomen  d. Thorax 4. Most