Daily Quiz [Microbiology]-1

Dail Quiz

Microbiology (27- 05- 2017)


1. Only hepatitis virus which can be cultured is
a. HAV
b. HBA
c. HDC
d. HCV

2. Loeffler’s syndrome is seen with all except:
b. Strongyloides stercoralis
c. L. tryptophan

d. Giardiasis

3. Most common cause of Traveller’s diarhoea:
a. Enterotxigenic E. coli 
b. Enterohemorrhagia E. coli
c. Enteropathogenic E. coli

d. Enteroinvasive E. coli

4. Amoebiasis is transmitted by all except-
a. Cockroach
b. Faeco oral
c. Vertical transmission 
d. Oro-rectal

5. Reassortment is seen in- 

a. Astronovirus 
b. Rotavirus
c. Hepadnavirus 

d. Herpesvirus

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