Rate Limiting Enzymes

Rate Limiting Enzymes A rate limiting step is an early reaction in the pathway, which controls the availability of substrates (intermediates) for subsequent reaction. Usually, the irreversible step in a metabolic pathway are rate limiting steps. Here we are sharing few Important Rate limiting enzymes which are frequently asked in All India exams. Rate limiting

VVI Topics in Biochemistry

VVI Topics in Biochemistry Here We are sharing Very Very Important Topics in Biochemistry (in Details) for NEET PG/ DNB/ AIIMS PG and Other PG Medical entrance examinations. VVI Topics in Biochemistry Classification Of Amino Acids Selenocysteine Derived Amino Acids Isoelectric Ph & Zwitter Ion Body Buffers Action Of Trypsin,Chymotrypsin& Elastase Transamination Transport Of Ammonia

Daily Quiz [Biochemistry]

Daily Quiz Biochemistry (21-  06- 2017) 1. Which conezyme is responsible for carboxylation reaction a. Biotinb. FADc. NADHd. Thiamine pyrophosphate 2. Fireflies produce light due toa. NADHb. GTPc. ATPd. Phosphocreatinine 3. Ribosome has following enzymatic activitya. Peptidyl transferase b. Peptidase c. Aminoacyl tRNA synthetase d. GTPase 4. Intron is not found in which DNA a. Nuclear DNA b. Mitochondrial DNA c. B DNAd  Z DNA 5. In muscle, phosphorylase b is

Daily Quiz [Biochemistry]

Daily Quiz  Biochemistry  (06-  06-  2017) 1. Which of the following is not degraded by colonic flora a. Pectinb. Ligninc. Starch d. Glucose  2. CAP in LAC operon isa. Positive regulatorb. Negative regulatorc. Attenuation d. Constitutive expression 3. Gene duplication plays an important role in the evolution of a  m Rna b. r Rna c. t Rna d. hn Rna 4. Movement of protein from nucleus to cytoplasm can be

Daily Quiz [Biochemistry]

Daily Quiz BIOCHEMISTRY (18- 05- 2017) Non vitamin coenzyme is Lipoic acidCo AS- adenosyl methionineNiacin GLUT 5 is transporter for GlucoseFructoseMannoseGalactose Gluconeogenesis can occur from all EXCEPT Lactic acidAceto acetateGlycerolAlanine Sphingomyelinase deficiency is seen in Niemann-pick diseaseFarber’s diseaseTay sach’s diseaseKrabbe’s disease Urea cycle occurs in LiverGITSpleenKidney Thanks…Correct Answers pattern- abbaa Thank you Reader Your Like