Daily Quiz [Biochemistry]

Daily Quiz

 Biochemistry  (06-  06-  2017)


1. Which of the following is not degraded by colonic flora
a. Pectin
b. Lignin
c. Starch
d. Glucose 

2. CAP in LAC operon is
a. Positive regulator
b. Negative regulator
c. Attenuation

d. Constitutive expression

3. Gene duplication plays an important role in the evolution of
a  m Rna
b. r Rna
c. t Rna

d. hn Rna

4. Movement of protein from nucleus to cytoplasm can be seen by
a. FISH 
c. Confocal microscopy 
d. Electron microscopy 

5. Triplex DNA is due to
a. Hoogsteen pairing

b. Palindromic sequences
c. Large no. of guanosine repeats

d. polypyramidine tracts

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