Daily Quiz [Anatomy]

Daily Quiz

Anatomy (19-  06- 2017)


1. Cell present in cerebellar cortex are all except
a. Purkinje
b. Bipolar
c. Granule
d. Golgi

2. Boundary of triangle of auscultation is not formed by
a. Serratus anterior
b. Scapula
c. Trapezius
d. Latissimus dorsi

3Which of the following brainstem nuclei is not derived from the alar plate
a. Inferior olivary
b. Substantia nigra
c. Dentate

d. Hypoglossal

4. Trendelenburg test is positive due to injury to which of the following nerve

a. Obturator
b. Sciatic
c. Superior Gluteal
d  Inferior Gluteal

5. Which of following is not a permanent mucosal fold
a. Spiral valve of Heister

b. Gastric rugae

c. Plica semilunaris

d. Transverse rectal fold

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