Daily Quiz [Orthopaedics]

Daily Quiz

Orthopaedics (13-  06- 2017)


1. Non neoplastic lesions simulating bone tumor are all except
a. Fibrous dysplasia
b. Bone island
c. Bone infarct
d. Hurler syndrome

2. In ”bounce home” test of knee joint, end feel is described as all except
a. Bony
b. Empty
c. Springy
d. Firm

3. According to Enneking system, not true regarding an active benign tumor is
a. Intracapsular
b. Margin of reactive bone
c. Thick rim of reactive bone

d. Extended curettage is treatment

4. Variant of Giant cell tumor is

a. Ossifying fibroma
b. Non ossifying fibroma
c. Osteosarcoma
d  Chondroblastoma

5. Percutaneous vertebrobasty is indicated in all except
a. Tuberculosis

b. Metastasis

c. Osteoporosis

d. Hemangioma

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