Daily Quiz [SPM]

Daily Quiz

 SPM  (07-  06-  2017)


1. Following are Larval control measures except
a. DDT
b. Paris green
c. Gambusia
d. Intermittent irrigation 

2. Incineration is not done for
a. Cytotoxic drugs
b. Cotton contaminated with blood
c. Waste sharps

d. Human tissue

3. Fish is deficient in with of the following nutrient
a  Iodine 
b. Vitamin A
c. Iron

d. Phosphorus

4. Incidence can be calculated by
a. Prospective study
b. Retrospective study
c. Case control study
d. Cross sectional study

5. In India, most common cause for maternal mortality is
a. Anemia

b. Hemorrhage
c. Abortion

d. Obstructed labour

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