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Daily Quiz [Anatomy]

Daily Quiz  Anatomy  (04-  06-  2017) 1. Sphincter of Oddi consists of a. 2 sphinctersb. 3 sphinctersc. 4 sphincters d. 5 sphincters  2. All of the following muscles retract the scapula excepta. Trapeziusboid majorb. Rhomboid majorc. Rhomboid minor d. Levator scapulae 3. Boundary of triangle of ausculation is not formed by a  Serratus anterior b. Scapula c. Trapezius d. Latissimus

Daily Quiz [Skin]

Daily Quiz  Skin   (03-  06-  2017) 1. Chemical peeling is done by all except a. Trichloroacetic acidb. Phosphoric acidc. Carbolic acid d. Kojic acid 2. All cause cicatricial alopecia exceptya. Lichen planusb. DLEc. Pseudo-pelade d. Alopecia areata 3. Tuberculides are seen in a  Lupus vulgaris b. Scrofuloderma c. Lichen scrofulososum d. Erythema nodosum 4. Neonatal fat necrosis resembles which of the following a. Post steroidal panniculitis  b. Erythema induratum  c. Lipodermatosclerosisd. Lupus panniculitis 5. Fine reticular pigmentation with palmar pits are

Daily Quiz [ENT]

Daily Quiz  ENT  (02-  06-  2017) 1. Laparoscopic Intranasal approach is used for accessing all EXCEPT a. Lacrimal sacb. Cerebellumc. Pituitary gland d. Optical nerve 2. Frontal Sinus can be best visualized bya. Caldwell’s viewb. Water’s viewc. Towne’s view d. Schuller’s view 3. Topical Mitomycin C is used for a  Endoscopic treatment of angiofibroma b. Treatment of skull base osteomyelitis c. Sturge weber syndrome d. Treatment for laryngeal stenosis

Daily Quiz [Radiology]

Daily Quiz  Radiology (01-  06-  2017) 1. Protein losing enteropathy diagnosis, all used except a. Tc albuminb. Tc dextranc.  In transferrin d. Tc seclosumab 2. Central dot sign is seen ina. Primary sclerosing cholangitisb. Liver Hamartomac. Caroli’s disease d. Polycystic liver disease 3. Egg on side appearance is seen in a  TOF b. TAPVC c. Uncorrected TGA d. Truncus arterious 4. Floating water lily sign is seen in a. Aspergillosis b. Hamartoma c. Hydatid cystd. Cavitating metastasis 5. Hampton’s

Daily Quiz [Anaesthesia]

Daily Quiz Anaesthesia (31-  05-  2017) 1. Which of the following increases cerebral oxygen consumption a. Propofolb. Ketaminec. Thiopentone d. Alfentanyl 2. Mivacurium, false isa. Hypertensionb. Increasing the dose produces rapid onset of actionc. Bronchospasm d. Flushing 3. Music relaxant of choice in hepatic and renal failure a. Cisatracurium b. Rocuronium c. Vecuronium d. Rapacuronium 4. All are seen in Malignant hyperthermia except a. Bradycardia b. Hyperkalemia c. Metabolic acidosisd. Hypertension 5. M.C. nerve used for monitoring during anaesthesia a. Ulnar nerveb. Facial nervec. Radial nerve d. Median nerve Check

Daily Quiz [Surgery]

Daily Quiz Surgery (30-  05-  2017) 1. Ideal age for orchidopexy for cryptorchidism is a. At 6-10 yrsb. At 1-2 yrsc. At puberty d. <1 yr of age 2. Most common complication after ERCP isa. Acute pancreatitisb. Acute cholangitisc. Acute cholecystitis d. Duodenal perforation 3. Colonic diverticulosis is best diagnosed by a. Colonoscopy b. Nuclear scan c. Barium enema d. CT scan 4. Stone which is resistant

Daily Quiz [Pediatrics]

Daily Quiz  Pediatrics  (29- 05- 2017) 1. Myopathy is seen in all except a. X-linked hypophosphatemic ricketsb. Oncogenic osteomalaciac. Nutritional osteomalacia  d. Cushing syndrome  2. Reflex which is not present in child at birth is a. Moro’s reflex b. Symmetric tonic neck reflex c. Crossed extesor reflex d. Asymmetric tonic neck reflex 3. Persistence of moro’s reflx is abnormal beyond the

Daily Quiz [Forensic Medicine]

Dail Quiz  Forensic Medicine (28- 05- 2017) 1. Which of these is not a grevious injury? a. Loss of teeth b. Loss of hearing of one earc. Permanent disfiguration of face  d. Abrasion on face 2. Telefono is a. Beating the soles of feet with rod  b. Beating of the ears  c. Forced immersion of head until stage of suffocation  d. Tying of a plastic bag over head  3. Last organ to be dissected during autopsy in asphyxial death is  a. Neck  b. Head  c. Abdomen  d. Thorax 4. Most

Daily Quiz [Microbiology]-1

Dail Quiz Microbiology (27- 05- 2017) 1. Only hepatitis virus which can be cultured is a. HAV b. HBA c. HDC d. HCV 2. Loeffler’s syndrome is seen with all except: a.Toxocara b. Strongyloides stercoralis c. L. tryptophan d. Giardiasis 3. Most common cause of Traveller’s diarhoea: a. Enterotxigenic E. coli  b. Enterohemorrhagia E. coli c. Enteropathogenic E. coli d. Enteroinvasive E. coli 4. Amoebiasis is transmitted by all except- a. Cockroach b. Faeco oral c. Vertical transmission  d. Oro-rectal

Daily Quiz [Physiology]

Daily Quiz Physiology (26- 05- 2016) 1. True about cardiac O₂ demand is a. Directly proportional to mean arterial pressure b. Altimeterc. Inversely proportional to cardiac work d. Has a constant relation to the external work done by the heart 2. Bicarbonate is maximally absorbed in a. PCT b. DCT c. Thick ascending loop henle d. Has a collecting duct 3.Which of these