Developmental Milestones

Developmental Milestones This Is A Very Important Topics Of Paediatrics. 2 To 3 Questions Asked Directly Or Indirectly In Each And Every PG Medical Entrance Exams From This Topic.Here We Have Listed Important Developmental Milestones Asked Frequently In  NEET PG, AIMS PG, DNB, UPSC-CMS And Many Other PG Medical Entrances. Important Developmental Milestones Age Milestone

Daily Quiz [Pediatrics]

Daily Quiz  Pediatrics  (29- 05- 2017) 1. Myopathy is seen in all except a. X-linked hypophosphatemic ricketsb. Oncogenic osteomalaciac. Nutritional osteomalacia  d. Cushing syndrome  2. Reflex which is not present in child at birth is a. Moro’s reflex b. Symmetric tonic neck reflex c. Crossed extesor reflex d. Asymmetric tonic neck reflex 3. Persistence of moro’s reflx is abnormal beyond the

[PDF] Pediatrics Notes for NEET PG

Download Pediatrics Note for NEET PG Top 100 Points of Pediatrics Important Topics of Paediatrics covered under 100 points. Topics Covered – Resuscitation of New Born 02.Neonatology 03.Breast Feeding 04.Growth and Developmental Milestones 05.ADHD 06.Pica 07.Nocturnal Enuresis 08.Autism 09.Neonatal Jaundice 10.HIE 11.HMD 12.Necrotizing Enterocolitis 13.Immunization 14.VSD 15.ASD 16.TOF 17.TGA 18.TAPVR 19.Eisenmenger Complex 20.Ebstein Anomaly 21.RHD(latest criteria)