Developmental Milestones

Developmental Milestones

This Is A Very Important Topics Of Paediatrics. 2 To 3 Questions Asked Directly Or Indirectly In Each And Every PG Medical Entrance Exams From This Topic.

Here We Have Listed Important Developmental Milestones Asked Frequently In  NEET PG, AIMS PG, DNB, UPSC-CMS And Many Other PG Medical Entrances.

Important Developmental Milestones



01 Month
Turns Head To Round, Vocalization
02 Month
Social Smile
03 Month
Recognising Mother, Neck Holding, Head Control, Cooing
04 Month
Grasps A Rattle Or Rings
05 Month
Sitting With SupportIntentional Reaching With Bidextrous Grasp
06 Month
Smiles At Mirror Image, Monosyllables (Ma, Ba)
07 Month
Palmar Grasp (Grasp Reflex)
09 Month
Pincer GraspSitting Without Support, Crawls In The Bed, Standing With SupportBisyllable (Mama, Baba)
10 Month
Full Creeping And Crawling Developed, Walking With Support
12 Month (1 Year)
Standing Without Support, Simple Ball Game, Scribbles Starts, 2 Words With MeaningBuild A Tower Of 2 Cubes
13 Month
Walking Without Support
15 Month
Vocabulary Of 4-6 Words In Addition To Jargon, Feed With Spoon Without Spilling Its Contents, Build A Tower Of 3 Cubes
18 Month
RunningAbility To Use 10 Words With MeaningBuild A Tower Of 4 Cubes
24 Month (2 Year)
Walking UpstairsSimple SentenceUse PronounsDraws A Vertical Or Horizontal LineBuild A Tower Of 7 Cubes
30 Month
Build A Tower Of 9 Cubes
36 Month (3 Year)
Riding Tricycle, Handedness Established, Toilet Control, Dress/ Undress Self, Knows Gender, Telling A StoryDraws A CircleBuild A Tower Of 10 Cubes
48 Month (4 Year)
Short Sentences Of 6 Words, Hops On One Foot, Draws A Cross (Plus Sign)
60 Month (5 Year)
Draws A Tilted Cross (Multiplication Sign)

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