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Daily Quiz [Obstetrics and Gynecology]

Daily Quiz Obstetrics and Gynecology (14-  06- 2017) 1. Ideal contraceptive for lactating mothers is a. Barrier methodb. Combined OCPc. Lactational amenorrhoead. Progesterone only pill 2. Test for ovarian reservea. LHb. LH/FSH ratioc. FSHd. Estradiol 3. All are seen in gestational diabetes excepta. Previous macrosomic baby b. Obesity c. Malformations d. Polyhydramnious 4. Antiphospholipid syndrome is associated with all except a. Recurrent abortion b. Venous thrombosis c. Pancytopeniad  Antibody to lupus 5. Ideal contraceptive

Daily Quiz [Orthopaedics]

Daily Quiz Orthopaedics (13-  06- 2017) 1. Non neoplastic lesions simulating bone tumor are all except a. Fibrous dysplasiab. Bone islandc. Bone infarctd. Hurler syndrome 2. In ”bounce home” test of knee joint, end feel is described as all excepta. Bonyb. Emptyc. Springyd. Firm 3. According to Enneking system, not true regarding an active benign tumor isa. Intracapsular b. Margin of reactive bone c. Thick rim of reactive bone d. Extended curettage is treatment 4. Variant of Giant cell tumor is a. Ossifying fibroma b. Non ossifying fibroma c. Osteosarcomad  Chondroblastoma 5. Percutaneous vertebrobasty

Daily Quiz [Surgery]

Daily Quiz Surgery (12-  06- 2017) 1. Gold standard investigation for recurrent gastrointestinal stromal tumor is a. MRIb. MIBGc. USGd. PET CT 2. Non progressive contraction of Esophagus area. Primaryb. Secondaryc. Tertiary d. Quaternary 3. Most common cause of acute measenteric ischemia isa. Artrial thrombosis b. Venous thrombosis c. Embolism d. Non occlusive disease 4. Most common site of cholangiocarcinoma a. Distal biliary duct b. Hilum c. Intrahepatic ductd. Multifocal 5. Survival in unresectable GB ca isa. 4-6months

Daily Quiz [Medicine]

Daily Quiz Medicine (11-  06- 2017) 1. Reperfusion is useful for a. Stunt myocardiumb. Hibernating myocardiumc. Non ischaemic viable myocardiumd. Mixed ischaemic myocardium 2. Where pulsatile liver and ascites is founda. TRb. Critical pulmnary stenosisc. MR d. MS 3. Thrombotic event is seen in all of following excepta. PNH b. DIC c. ITP d. Heparin induced thrombocytopenia 4. Horner’s syndrome, All true except a. Miosis

Daily Quiz [Pathology & Ophthalmology]

Daily Quiz Pathology (10-  06- 2017) 1. Infraclavicular lesion of tuberculosis is known as a. Gohn’s focusb. puhl’s focusc. Assman’s focusd. Simmon’s focus 2. What does ”cardiac polyp” meansa. Acute infarctb. Cardiac aneurysmc. Benign tumour d. Fibrinous clot 3. Which of the following does NOT scavenge free radicals in the lensa. Vit A b. Vit C c. Vit E d. Calatase 4.Which component of the eye has highest refractive index a. Anterior surface of the lens b. Posterior surface of the lens c. Centre of the lensd. Cornea 5. Mucopolysaccharide hyaluronic acid is present ina. Vitreous humor b. Corneac. Blood vessels d. Lens

Daily Quiz [Microbiology]-2

Daily Quiz  Microbiology  (09-  06-  2017) 1. Diagnostic of Rabies a. Guarneri bodies b. Negri bodies c. Cowdry A body d. Bollinger bodies 2. Most sensitive test for Treponema a. VDRL b. RPR c. FTA-ABS d. Kahn 3. Irradiation can be used to sterilize A/E a. Bone graft b. Suture c. Artifical tissue graft d. Bronchoscope 4.Coagulative necrosis is seen in a. T.B. b. Sarcoidosis c. Cryptococcal infection d.

Daily Quiz [Pharmacology ]

Daily Quiz  Pharmacology  (08-  06-  2017) 1. Which does not cause hypoglycemia a. Insulinb. Glimepiridec. Nateglinide d. Acarbose 2. Which does not causes megaloblastic anemiaa. Phenytoinb. Chloroquinec. Sulfasalazine d. Alcohol 3. Octreotide is used in all excepta. Insulinoma b. Glucagonoma c. Glioma d. Carcinoids 4. Which of the following drug is used in sickle cell anemia a. Hydroxyurea b. Carmustine c. Paclitaxeld. Bleomycin  5. Muscle rigidity due to opiods is beacuse of their effect ona. mu b. kappac. sigma d. delta Check it: More “Daily Quiz”*Note: If

Daily Quiz [SPM]

Daily Quiz  SPM  (07-  06-  2017) 1. Following are Larval control measures except a. DDTb. Paris greenc. Gambusia d. Intermittent irrigation  2. Incineration is not done fora. Cytotoxic drugsb. Cotton contaminated with bloodc. Waste sharps d. Human tissue 3. Fish is deficient in with of the following nutrient a  Iodine  b. Vitamin A c. Iron d. Phosphorus 4. Incidence can be calculated by a. Prospective study b. Retrospective study c. Case control studyd. Cross

Daily Quiz [Biochemistry]

Daily Quiz  Biochemistry  (06-  06-  2017) 1. Which of the following is not degraded by colonic flora a. Pectinb. Ligninc. Starch d. Glucose  2. CAP in LAC operon isa. Positive regulatorb. Negative regulatorc. Attenuation d. Constitutive expression 3. Gene duplication plays an important role in the evolution of a  m Rna b. r Rna c. t Rna d. hn Rna 4. Movement of protein from nucleus to cytoplasm can be

Daily Quiz [Physiology]

Daily Quiz  Physiology  (05-  06-  2017) 1. Energy expenditure in resting state depends on a. Lean body massb. Adipose tissuec. Resting heart rate d. Exercise 2. True regarding myocardial O₂ demanda. Inversely related to heart rateb. Has constant relation to external cardiac workc. Directly proportional to duration of systole d. Is negligible at rest 3. Angiotensin II causes all of the following except a  Stimulation of thirst  b. Aldosterone secretion c. Increased ADH secretion d. Vasodilation 4. Maximum postprandial motility is