Daily Quiz [Surgery]

Daily Quiz

Surgery (12-  06- 2017)


1. Gold standard investigation for recurrent gastrointestinal stromal tumor is
a. MRI
c. USG

2. Non progressive contraction of Esophagus are
a. Primary
b. Secondary
c. Tertiary

d. Quaternary

3Most common cause of acute measenteric ischemia is
a. Artrial thrombosis
b. Venous thrombosis
c. Embolism

d. Non occlusive disease

4. Most common site of cholangiocarcinoma

a. Distal biliary duct
b. Hilum
c. Intrahepatic duct
d. Multifocal

5. Survival in unresectable GB ca is
a. 4-6months

b. 8-10months

c. 1yr

d. 12-24 months

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