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The Diabetic Annual Review

The Diabetic Annual Review It is desirable for all patients with diabetes to undergo a full medical assessment once a year. History 1.Patient Concerns 2.Events- Life And Medical 3.Glucose Diary (Urine Or Blood) 4.Current Treatment 5.Hypoglycaemia 6.Driving 7.Pregnancy/Contraception In Women 8.Impotence 9.Symptoms Of CHD Or PVD 10.Smoking Habit? Examination 1.Weight/BMI 2.Blood Pressure – Erect And

Trophic Changes

Trophic Changes 1.Trophic Changes In The Skin & Appendages: Dry/ Rough/ Cold Skin Pigmentation Local Cyanosis/Local Oedema Hypohydrosis (Lack Of Sweating) Hypotrichosis(Fall Of Hairs) Brittle Nails 2.Trophic Ulcers: Trophic Ulcer- Usually Present Over The Heel Or Ball Of The Great Toe Sites Examined- On The Lateral Malleolus Back Of The Heel Of Foot Shoulder Girdles