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Steps to approach an ECG question in NEET PG/ DNB/ AIIMS

How to approach an ECG question in NEET PG/ DNB/ AIIMS? Steps 1. Rhythm 2. Rate 3. PQ interval/ PR interval, QRS duration and QT interval 4. P wave morphology 5. QRS morphology 6. ST Morphology 7. Conclusion8. Diagnosis DOWNLOAD PDF Click Here to Download Handwritten Notes for NEET PG/ DNB/ AIIMS PG and Other Medical PG Entrance Preparation Thank you Reader Your like motivate us to

Basics of ECG

Basics of ECG Heart Rate [ Ventricular rate ] Rhythm – Regular (same R-R intervals): 1500 / No. of small squares between 2 R- waves. Rhythm – Irregular (different  R-R intervals): No. of R- waves in 15 large squares × 20 Atrial Rate In Total Heart Block, It Is Different From The Ventricular Rate Atrial

Basics of ECG- Videos

Basics of ECG- Videos Electrocardiography Understand ECG very easily with the help of following Video. Video DisclaimerNo Copyright infringement intended. This is an informational website. We neither upload nor host any copyrighted files.  We are only sharing the links already available on the internet.  If Author / Publisher want to remove these link please write