Health Planning Committees In India

Health Planning Committees In India


Health Planning Committees In India
Bhore Committee
19 46
Health Survey And Development Commitee
1.PHC: 1 Per 40000 Population
2. Long Term Plan: 3million Plan (3 Million Beds)
3.Social Physician
Mudaliar Committee
Health Survey And Planning Commitee
1.PHC: 1 Per 40000 Population
2.All India Health Services
Chadah Committee
Basic Health Worker: 1 Per 10000 Population
Mukerji Committee
65, 66
Basic Health Service Should Be Provided At Block Level
Jungalwalla Committee
Committee On Integration Of Health Services
1.Equal Pay For Equal Work
2.No Private Practice By Government Doctors
Kartar Singh Committee
1.Multipurpose Workers (MPW)
2.Health Supervisors
Srivastava Committee
Group On Medical Education And Support Manpower
1.Village Health Guide (VHG)
2.Health Assistant
3.Rome (Reorientation Of Medical Education) Scheme
4.Referral Services Complex
5.Rural Health Service
Krishnan Committee
Urban Revamping Scheme
Urban Revamping Scheme To Address The Problems Of Urban Health
Bajaj Committee
1.Formulation Of National Medical & Health Education Policy
2.Formulation Of National Health Manpower Policy
High-Level Expert Group (HLEG)
1.3.5 Year Rural Graduate Medical Course: B.Sc In Community Health Community Health Officer (CHO)
2.Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

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