High Yield Topics of SPM

High Yield Topics of SPM

As The Syllabus For The PG Medical Entrance Examinations Is Enormously Vast Nobody Can Know Everything. And Every Topper Interview You Read Will Advise You To Concentrate Only On The Important Topics.

Here We have Listed The Important & High Yield Topics Of SPM for NEET- PG, AIIMS, DNB And Other Medical PG Entrance

List of High Yield Topics

The topics of column-1 is most important.

Indicators of  HealthCase Fatality RateTrachoma
Bio StatasticsHDI & PQLICyclopropagative Development
Case Control & Cohort StudiesJapanese  EncephalitisDisinfectant
Sensitivity & SpecificityPrevention LevelsFilariasis
TuberculosisSerial Interval & Generation TimeInsecticides
Blindness  control & Vision 2020CorrelationSample Registration System
Chi Square and T testFood PoisoningSecondary Attack Rate
LeprosyIncubation PeriodBias
Sentinel SurveillanceORSBlinding
Incidence & PrevalenceRelative Risk & Attributable RiskHBV
SamplingYellow FeverHerd Immunity
ScreeningNominal & Ordinal scalesHistogram & Bar Diagram
Health PlanningDracunculosisMeningococcal  Meningitis
Non-Communicable DiseasePoint Source & Propagated epidemicsObesity
Specific ProtectionAnemiaPlague
Occupational  DisordersEpidemic DropsyPreterm
RabiesESIRapid Sand Filter
RickettsiaeRCHAlpha- Error & Beta- Error
Waste DisposalICDSCereals and Pulses
PollutionIodine Deficiency DisorderChemoprophylaxis
TetanusDISEASE Control ProgrammeEpidemic & Pandemic Definition
Demographic  StagesIsolationFolate
p- ValueNPUKFD
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