History Taking


Particulars Of The Patient:

Date Of Admission
Date Of Examination


History :

Chief Complaints

Major Complaints With The Duration In Chronological Order Of Their Appearance

H/O Present Illness

Expansion Of The Chief Complaints In Relation To Their Mode Of Onset (Acute/ Insidious), Progress (Progressive/ Static/ With Exacerbation And Remissions) And Duration.

Generalities-  Appetite, Loss Of Wt., Fatigue, Sleep, Bladder And Bowel.

Past  History

Family History

Occupational History

Smoking, Alcohol, Allergies.

Drug History

Menstrual History

Menarche At 15 Yr. Of Age

3-4 Days/Cycle / 28-30 Days
Quantity Of Blood Loss– 2 Pads/ Day
No Foul Smell

L.M.P. – 12. 6. 2015

In Case Of Pregnancy, E.D.D. = L.M.P. + 9 M 7 D = 19.3.2016

Obstetric History

P 1 (12yr/ Male/ FTNVD ) + 3 (All Spontaneous)

Contraceptive History – Nil

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