Important Investigation of Choice

Investigation of Choice

In every medical PG entrance examination (NEET PG/AIIMS/UPSC-CMS/PGIMER), 2 to 3 questions are asked on Investigation of choice.

Here we have collected the investigation of choices of some important conditions which are asked frequently in exams.

Single Bone Metastasis Calcifications Acute Cerebral Haemorrhage Diagnosis Of SAH Blunt Abdominal Trauma Acute Pancreatitis Late Renal TBCT
Liver Metastasis Pulmonary EmbolismCECT
Temporal Bone Lesions Interstitial Lung Diseases (e.g., Sarcoidosis) Solitary Pulmonary NoduleHRCT
Early Renal TBIVP
Multiple Bone MetastasisBone Scan
Spine Metastasis AVN Stable Dissecting Aneurism Posterior Mediastinal Tumour Pancoast’s Tumour Chronic Cerebral Haemorrhage Intracranial SOL Posterior Cranial Fossa Lesions Traumatic Paraplegia Lobulated Pericardial EffusionMRI
Brain Tumours Acoustic Neuroma (Vestibular Schwannoma)Gd- Enhanced MRI
Minimal Ascites Pericranial Effusion Pleural Effusion Obstructive Jaundice GB Stones Uterine AnomaliesUSG
Unstable Dissecting AneurysmTrans Oesophageal USG
Renal Artery StenosisPercutaneous Angiography
Renovascular HypertensionCaptopril Enhanced Angiography
SAH Etiology4 Vessels MR Angiography
Aneurysm AV FistulaAngiography
Cardiac Tamponade2D- Echo
Air EmbolismTrans Oesophageal Echo
GERD24 Hour pH Monitoring
Posterior Urethral ValveMCU

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