125+ Important One-Liners for NEET PG

Here we are sharing with you few Important one liners for NEET PG. These One liners for NEET PG are based on repeatedly asked MCQs in previous exams Like NEET PG, DNB, AIIMS PG etc.

Frequently Asked One liners for NEET PG 

  1. Lucid interval not seen in- SAH                                                         ·       
  2. Head & neck carcinoma with no metastasis to cervical lymph node- hard palate   ·       
  3. Bilioenteric fistula not caused by- gastric ulcer   ·       
  4. Structure not damaged in submandibular gland excision- inferior alveolar nerve   ·       
  5. Not a complication of acute pancreatitis- hyperkalemia   ·       
  6. Carcinoma colon not associated with- Polland syndrome   ·       
  7. Interscalene brachial plexus block does not affect- ulnar nerve   ·       
  8. Nasal turbinate not a part of ethmoid bone- inferior turbinate   ·       
  9. Cardiac valve not drain in coronary sinus- anterior cardiac valve, venae cordae minimi, thebasian valve    
  10. Parts of colon not having appendices epiploicae- caecum, appendix, rectum
  11. Parts of colon not having taenia coli- distal sigmoid, rectum   ·       
  12. Part of GIT not having serosa- esophagus   ·       
  13. Part of kidney not enclosed by gerota fascia- inferior part   ·       
  14. Peristaltic organ not having inner circular & outer longitudinal muscle-ureter(inner longitudinal & outer circular muscle)   ·       
  15. Upper limb ligament not transmit weight- coracoacromial ligament   ·        Panic disorder not associated with- glutamate   ·       
  16. Not part of vision 2020- UNICEF   ·       
  17. Not larvicide- DDT   ·       
  18. Not notifiable disease- TB   ·       
  19. Lab service not available at PHC for- leprosy   ·       
  20. Not seen in asbestosis-atelectasis   ·       
  21. Radio active isotope not used as permanent implant- Cs137   ·        Collodion membrane not seen in- ichthyosis vulgaris   ·       
  22. Variation in skin colour not due to- Variation in no. of melanocytes   ·        Not involved in erythema marginatum- face   ·       
  23. Vesicobullous disorder with no bullous involved- pemph foliaceous   ·        Pruritis not seen in- pityriasis versicolor   ·       
  24. Exfoliative dermatitis not seen in- pityriasis rosea   ·       
  25. Not photosensitive- lichen planus   ·       
  26. Tumour not caused by PUVA- cutaneous Tcell lymphoma   ·        Onycholysis not seen in- Nephrotic syndrome   ·       
  27. Nail not involved in- DLE   ·       
  28. Cranial Nerve regenerate-C.N. II   ·       
  29. Bone not ossify earlier in female- skull   ·       
  30. Muscles not developed from mesoderm- erector pilli, iris muscle(neuroepithelium), ciliary body muscle(neural crest), myoepithelial cell   ·       
  31. Part of clavicle not ossifies in membrane- medial end   ·       
  32. Part of shoulder joint capsule not attached to Surgical neck humerus- medial   ·       
  33. Anterior cutaneous branch not present in-1st Inter Costal nerve   ·        Artery not supply duramater- basilar artery   ·       
  34. Anal canal not supplied by- middle rectal artery   ·       
  35. Not part of carotid sheath- External Carotid Artery   ·       
  36. Hyaline cartilage with no perichondrium- articular cartilage   ·       
  37. Part of colon with no mesentery- ascending colon   ·       
  38. Larynx muscle not paired- Interarytenoid   ·       
  39. Sensory organ with efferent nerve supply- organ of Corti   ·       
  40. Space of Disse not contain- Kupffer cell   ·       
  41. Muscle of hand not supply by deep ulnar nerve- palmaris brevis   ·       
  42. Glucose entry into cell is not by facilitated diffusion in- GIT, Kidney(SAT)   Hypoxia not stimulating chemoreceptor- anemic   ·       
  43. Intestinal peptide not secreted by bombesin- secretin   ·       
  44. Hormone with no change during menstrual cycle- activin   ·       
  45. Sertoli cell do not secrete- androgen   ·       
  46. Hypoxemia not depends on- Hb level   ·       
  47. Circle of Willis not include- MCA   ·       
  48. Goblet cell not present in- stomach   ·       
  49. Penis not supplied by-pampiniform plexus   ·       
  50. Parts if GIT not fixed- appendix, transverse colon, sigmoid colon   ·       
  51. AA not generate ketoacid- His   ·       
  52. Phospholipid not derived from phosphatidic acid- plasmalogen(derived from DHAP)   ·       
  53. AA with no optical activity, no chiral/asymmetrical Carbon atom- Glycin    
  54. AA not favours secondary structure- Proline & Glycine   ·       
  55. AA not give blue color with Ninhydrin- Proline (yellow)   ·       
  56. AA make both cis & trans peptide bond-Proline   ·       
  57. Enzyme classes not require coenzyme- III & IV   ·       
  58. Preformed toxin with incubation period more than 6hours- Cl botulinum(18-36h)   ·       
  59. Gram +ve bacteria not producing exotoxin- Listeria monocytogenes(endotoxin)   ·       
  60. Clostridia not have peritrichous flagella- Cl tetany VI, Cl perfringens   ·       
  61. Organism showing both hemolysis(α-αtoxin, β-θtoxin) simultaneously- Cl perfringens   ·       
  62. Exotoxin of Cl botulinum not neurotoxic- C2(enterotoxin)   ·       
  63. Shigella not catalase+ve- Shigella dysenteriae I   ·       
  64. Non-motile Salmonella- Salmonella pullorum, Salmonella gallinarum  
  65. Uveal effusion syndrome not a/w- myopia     
  66. Virus not cause conjunctivitis- CMV
  67. Enlarged cornea not seen- HSV keratitis      
  68. Radio Active isotope not used in bone palliation- Ca47   ·       
  69. Structure not seen on knee arthroscopy- collateral ligament   ·       
  70. Extent of tumour not most important in prognosis of- CNS tumour, soft tissue sarcoma   ·       
  71. Intratubular germ cell neoplasia is not seen adjacent to Germ Cell Tumor- spermatocytic seminoma, epidermoid cyst, dermoid cyst, teratoma, yolk sac tumour   ·       
  72. CKD without small kidney- DM nephropathy,HIV nephropathy, infiltrative disease   ·       
  73. Apoptosis does not occur by normal caspase pathway in- neuron   ·       
  74. Metastatic calcification does not occur in- fundal gland of intestine   ·       
  75. IL not secrete by Tcell- 12   ·       
  76. ABO Antigen absent in- CSF   ·       
  77. Syndrome not a/w AML- Turner syndrome   ·       
  78. Ca not a/w DIC- RCC   ·       
  79. H pylori does not cause- GIST   ·       
  80. Oncocyte not seen in- thymus   ·       
  81. Integrin does not bind to- PDGF   ·       
  82. Organ transplant not causing GVH disease- kidney   ·       
  83. Micronodular cirrhosis not seen in- Wilson disease   ·       
  84. Measles rash not involve- palm, sole   ·       
  85. Gene not a/w congenital steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome- WT2
  86. Hypotonia not seen in- trisomy18   ·       
  87. Antimetabolite with immunosuppression action but no anticancer action- azathioprine   ·       
  88. ACE Inhibitor not prodrug- captopril, lisinopril   ·       
  89. Aldosterone antagonist not causing gynecomastia- eplerenone   ·       
  90. Direct thrombin inhibitor not excreted by kidney- argatroban   ·       
  91. Anticancer drug with no myelosuppression- vincristine, bleomycin, l-asparaginase   ·       
  92. Alkylating agent not act on DNA-dacarbazine(RNA)   ·       
  93. Polypeptide Antibiotic not act on cell membrane- bacitracin(cell wall)  
  94. Cephalosporin cross BBB- cefuroxime   ·       
  95. Β lactam antibiotic not excreted by kidney- cefoperazone, ceftriaxone, cefpiramide   ·       
  96. ACE Inhibitor not excreted by kidney- fosinopril, moexipril   ·       
  97. SMR not used in pregnancy- gallamine   ·       
  98. BDZ not metabolised in liver -Lorazepam, Oxazepam, Temazepam   ·       
  99. Carbapenem given Orally- faropenem   ·       
  100. Β lactam antibiotic given in Allergy to β lactam- Aztreonam   ·       
  101. P rotease inh not causing lipodystrophy-atazanavir   ·       
  102. Orally given immunosuppressant- fingolimod   ·       
  103. Tolerance not develop to morphine- miosis, constipat, convulsion   ·       
  104. H1 antagonist not producing active metabolites- mizolastine, cetrizine  
  105. Antithyroid drug not inhibit T4 to T3 conversion- methimazole   ·       
  106. Drug not causing SIADH- ActinomycinD   ·       
  107. Rituximab not used in- PNH   ·       
  108. Drug not used dandruff- azelaic acid   ·       
  109. Drug not induce pemphigus- furosemide   ·       
  110. Drug not cause porphyria- aspirin   ·       
  111. Nicotine preparation not available as- tablet   ·       
  112. ATT not causes hepatotoxicity- ethambutol   ·       
  113. Insulin never mix with other insulin- glargine   ·       
  114. Oral antidiabetic not causes hyperglycemia- metformin   ·       
  115. Drug not used in pityriasis versicolor- griseofulvin   ·       
  116. Drug not causes fixed drug eruption- mepacrine   ·       
  117. Fenfluramine not cause- dizziness   ·       
  118. Mannitol not used in- pulmonary edema   ·       
  119. ATT not used in HIV- rifampicin   ·       
  120. Drug not used in paralytic ileus- naloxone   ·       
  121. Antipsychotic with no D2 antagonist action- aripiprazole(D2 agonist) 
  122. SSRI with anti ACh action-fluoxetine   ·       
  123. Drug not used in cat IV DOTS- PAS   ·       
  124. Antipsychotic not cause weight gain-molindone(weightt loss)   ·       
  125. Both antihelminth & antiprotozoal drug- nitazoxanide   ·       
  126. Typical antipsychotic with no extrapyramidal symptom- thioridazine  
  127. Atypical antipsychotic with D2 antagonist action- risperidone   ·       
  128. Antifungal not given i.v. – terbinafine(oral)   ·       
  129. Drug not used in endometriosis- misoprostol   ·       
  130. Structure not involved in cancrum oris- mandible   ·       
  131. Structure not removed in radical neck dissection- phrenic nerve, vagus nerve
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