NEET PG Result

How To Check NEET PG Result The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test For Post Graduates (NEET-PG) Will Be Declared On January 15th, 2017 The National Board Of Examinations (NBE) Has Conducted The NEET PG Examination From December 5th, 2016 To December 13th, 2016 At Various Test Centres Across The Nation. Once The Result Will Be

AIIMS PG Entrance Application/Exam Dates Released

AIIMS PG Entrance Application & Exam Dates Released The dates of AIIMS PG Entrance Examination to be conducted during the year 2020 has been announced. AIIMS has released the dates for both July 2017 session and January 2018 session. Tentative Dates for AIIMS PG May 2020 Session These dates are for admission to AIIMS PG

Adventitious Sounds

Adventitious sounds 1. Crepitations 2. Rhonchi 3. Pleural rub Crepitations Crepitations are discontinuous (<20 millisecond in duration) bubbling or crackling sound produced by the passage of air through exudate-filled bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli, big cavity, or due to sudden snapping open of the relatively stiff alveoli at inspiration. Fine crepitations (end – inspiratory) –  soft, high-pitched

Breath Sounds

Breath Sounds Gas Turbulence In The Major Airways Is Responsible For Inspiratory Sound & Elastic Recoil Of The Lung Is Responsible For Expiratory Sound. Types Of Breath Sounds: Three Types ( Mainly Two Types – 1., 2. ) 1. Vesicular 2. Bronchial 3. Bronchovesicular Vesicular  Breath Sound Bronchial Breath Sound It Is The Sound Produced By The

Auscultation Of The Chest

Auscultation Of The Chest If Any One Is Asked To Auscultate The Chest, He/She Has To  Auscultate For Both The Respiratory System And CVS During Auscultation Of Left Side Of Chest And Only Respiratory System During Auscultation Of Right Side Of The Chest. Auscultate Over – ·       Front (Infraclavicular Area To Lower Costal Margin) ·       Sides

NEET – MDS 2017 Result Declared

NEET – MDS 2017 Result Declared CLICK HERE To See The Result CLICK HERE To Check All India NEET – MDS Rank Cut Off  Score For Various Categories: General Category  (UR) 523.246 Persons With Disability 507.436  SC / ST / OBC 491.240 Candidates Scoring More Than Or Equal To Cut Off Score Has Been Declared As Qualified

Clinical Examination Of Nervous System

Clinical Examination Of Nervous System 1.Higher Functions 2.Examination Of Cranial Nerves 3.Examination Of Sensory System 4.Examination Of Motor System Higher Functions Level Of Consciousness Orientation With Time, Place  And Person Intelligence Memory Speech Examination Of Cranial Nerves: For Details CLICK HERE Examination Of Sensory System There Are Six Main Sensory Modalities That Can Be Tested At The

Examination Of Cranial Nerves

Examination Of Cranial Nerves The Olfactory Nerve Test The Smell Sensation With Common Bedside Substances Such As Soap, Toothpaste Etc. Present These Substances To Each Nostril Separately And Ask The Patient To Name Them.   The Optic Nerve Visual Acuity – Distance Vision: Snellen’s Chart (6 Meters) Near Vision: Jaeger’s Chart (65 Centimetres) Field Of

Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)

Glasgow Coma Scale: Explanation with a case study The Glasgow Coma Scale Is Based On a 15 Point Scale Used For Estimating And Categorising The Severity Of Brain Injury. Following A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The Test Measures The Motor Response, Verbal Response, And Eye-Opening Response With The Following Scoring Scheme: Eye Response Spontaneous Eye Opening

NEET MDS Syllabus PDF & Exam Scheme

Exam Scheme & Syllabus for NEET-MDS Examination National Board Of Examinations (NBE) Will be Conducting NEET – MDS examination. The Mode Of Examination will be Online ( Computer Based Test ). The Entrance Test Will Be Based On The Subjects Studied In BDS Course.   The Pattern Of The NEET-MDS Is As Mentioned Below – The NEET – MDS Exam Will